Micro Excavator 1 Tonne Kubota U10-3

Micro Excavator 1 Tonne Kubota U10-3

These 1 Tonne excavators otherwise known as Micro Diggers are able to carry out works in all types of restricted and confined spaces.
The unique Micro Diggers have adjustable tracks enabling access through narrow areas such as a standard doorway.
These compact excavators have a zero tail swing thus preventing damage to engine covers and also 3 vortex combustion system which greatly reduces exhaust emissions, noise and vibration.
SDW Plant Hires’ Micro Diggers are readily available for hire.

Specifications of Kubota U10-3 Micro digger

Operating Weight : 1120Kg

Overall Length : 2980Kg

Overall Height : 2230Kg

Overall Width : 750mm (tracks retracted) or 990mm (tracks extended)

Max Outreach : 2400mm

Max Dig Depth : 1800mm

Fuel Capacity : 12 Litres